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The‘Port Macquarie Classic Bike Club’ Classic Bike Show features in this months issue of Old Bike Australia.

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3rd ‘Port Macquarie Classic Bike Club’ Classic Bike Show
10 April, 2016 – Settlers Inn, Port Macquarie NSW
Report – Peter Shannon
Photos - Jeremy Rogers Photography

The Port Macquarie Classic Motor Cycle Club held its ‘3rd Classic Bike Show’ on Sunday10 April at the premises of Port Macquarie’s ‘Settler’s Inn’ and was held to support our chosen charitable cause - the Port Macquarie Base Hospital’s Paediatric Ward. It was a day forecast for rain, but the sun stayed out and the weather remained pleasant for the duration of the show.

Given that the club is relatively young having been established less than 5 years, this 3rd Show produced an excellent turnout of bikes and enthusiasts and was a notable improvement on past years, so much so that the displayed bikes overflowed into the public car park.

The show was supported by entries from the surrounding clubs of Taree, Kempsey, Coffs Harbour and also Port Macquarie Road Riders Club and Coffs Coast Restorers Club and many locals.

There were 78 bikes, from veteran to modern classic, from dirt, speedway, road and racing fields, on show and at least 600 visitors made a gold coin donation, raising in total $3,000, for the local Children’s Ward. As well as the entered bikes, the car park of the Settlers Inn was full of visitor’s bikes, which was a show in itself.

The earliest bike on show was Taree club’s Walter Higgins’ superbly restored 1927 Douglas, which won the Best Pre-30 award. Other features of the show was the appearance of a pair of mid 1930s New Imperials that had a long successful history of racing at both Phillip Island and Bathurst, with one actually having won the 1959 Australian Lightweight TT when it was ridden by that late legend of Australian road racing, Eric Hinton. Also in attendance was a highly polished 1955 Ariel Mk2 Square Four which attracted the Settlers Inn Publican’s Award.

There were numerous Triumphs from the late 60’s and 70’s, and amongst the Nortons, a rather attractive purple and grey 1971 Commando, belonging to Port Macquarie club’s Rod Mulvey, attracted the attention of the judges, with it receiving the Best Club Bike Award. Out of an array of Italian bikes, Taree’s Club member, Kevin Worth’s 1969 Ducati Mk3 Desmo 350 received the Best European Bike award. Also of interest was a gaggle of Maicos and a squad of Husqvarnas and a sole CZ.

The early spectators were given a fright when the 65 year old specially made Pirelli front tyre of the 1951 factory-works Lambretta exploded upon being exposed to the expansive heat of direct sunlight after it being indoors for the past 30 years or so.
A personal highlight for me was the attendance of Peter Rock, local owner of Rock Motorcycles, who informed me he had actually raced one of the New Imperials on display in 1969, just prior to him going to the Vietnam War. It was such a pleasure to see him reunited with it after 47 years. His granddaughter was a willing photographer of this reunion, with Peter seated on the 1936 ‘Nooge’ Smith ‘246cc Grand Prix’ New Imperial. He related speeds of 120mph down Conrod. Not bad for a 250cc in 1969.

The Award presentation proceeded in the late afternoon under threatening skies, but the weather held out, leading to a most successful show for the club and no doubt the busy bistro and bar of Settlers Inn.

The club would like to thank the staff and management of Settler’s Inn, Shannon’s Insurance and the support of surrounding clubs and members and the enthusiast public for their support. Photos are courtesy of Jeremy Rogers Photography of Port Macquarie. The Port Macquarie Base Hospital’s Paediatric Ward was greatly appreciative of the $3000 cheque presented to them on 21 April and this was recognised in the local press.

Hopefully the next show will be as successful, so please keep a look out in OBA for our 4th show.


Club Bike. Rod Mulvey 1971 Norton Commando 750cc

English Walter Higgins 1951 Triumph Tiger 100, 500cc

Pre 1930. Walter Higgins 1927 Douglas 600cc

European. Kevin Worth 1969 Ducati MK3 350cc

Off Road Geoff Branch. 1974 Hagon JAP Long Frame 500cc

Japanese Pauly Tonna 1974 Kawasaki Z900

Veteran Peter Shannon 1933 New Imperial 250cc

American. Nick Hiller 1947 Harley Davidson U 74 cu in

Publicans Choice. Steve Wilkinson 1955 Ariel Square Four MK2 1000cc

Photos by Jeremy Rogers


February 2016 - Port Macquarie Classic Club Newsletter

Hello Historic Two Wheelers,

Well last night was our first meeting for the New Year with a fantastic turn up of nearly 30 members plus we have signed on four new members so far this year, one last month and three last night, so please make welcome Derek Stratton, Col Dietrich and Steve Fisher. We now have 52 members in the Club which is fantastic.

It was a busy meeting with an update from our sub committee of members organising our 2016 Bike Show which is being held on Sunday 10th April at The Settlers Tavern between 10am & 2pm. The Tavern is going to run an all day BBQ. Also we need as many members to please attend and assist on the day as well as prior to the event.

As the Bike Show is on the 10th April we have decided to move our monthly meeting for the month of April forward one week to Tuesday the 5th April at 7pm at the usual location in order to finalise the organisation of our Bike Show, so please put this in your diary as your assistance will be required. We also would like to see as many motorcycles from our members in attendance at the Show so bring them along!!

I have attached the upcoming entry form for the Taree Rally (4th, 5th & 6th March), again for those new members. CLICK HERE >>

This coming weekend on Sunday 14th February we have a combined Club ride with the Taree & Kempsey Clubs, meeting at the Donut at 10am and then riding up to Comboyne for some refreshments.

Then on Saturday the 20th February we are meeting at the Town Beach Headland at 9.30am and heading off at that time to a few locations for some photos to be taken professionally by Jeremy for our website so please as many members with motorcycles to attend will make this a successful event in order to update the website.

Our Facebook link is:

This is looking good and if want to join the group you only need to be a financial member and request to join. However if you have a Facebook name that is not familiar we will need to be advised via an email to either Tim Brown, Col Barker or myself.

Now an important matter, could I please have those members who motorcycles currently registered historically through our club to please email me directly with the following information, (This will not be made public but kept private by myself and Graeme Branch as we are responsible for the registration checks).

- Registration Number,
- Registration Expiry Date,
- Make
- Model
- Year

Your assistance with the above items is most appreciated.





January 2016 - Port Macquarie Classic Club Newsletter

Well it's been sometime since I have written a newsletter,due to health and various other reasons, but hopefully with the assistance of members we will have a more regular newsletter informing members and visitors to our website of what is happening in our club.

It seems that the four and a half years since the club was founded have flown by with membership growing steadily each year to just on 50 at the end of 2015.

We have a fairly varied membership both in terms of age and type of motorcycle owned but one thing that is common is our enjoyment or should I say love of riding and maintaining old bikes. We have members with just one bike and others with very substantial collections.

What has changed in the Classic Motorcycle world is that the type of bikes owned more reflects what we used to own or wished we owned in our younger years. The days of mainly British and American motorcycles being dominate have gone, at least in our club, one of the newest in NSW.

A club is only as good as its members and we now have committed committee members that keep our internal communication going and the club active.

Each month we have 2 rides of a weekend as well as regular Saturday morning coffee rides that are very popular, we also have mid week Riders Choice rides for those who can make them.

Our clubs relationship with other clubs particularly Taree and Natureland Classic clubs has grown particularly this past year with club members participating in the annual Inverell, Taree and Natureland Hat Head rallies. In addition members have attended the annual Moto Giro for smaller Italian bikes run by the Queensland Ducati Club, the Grafton rally and the famous Walcha Challenge.

I look forward to more member participation in Inter Club Rallies and Events. They are great fun, you get to meet a lot of interesting bikes and their owners and many bonds are formed.

The Port Macquarie Classic Motorcycle Shown is to be held on 10 April at Settlers and the show committee will be lookin for assistance both before and on the day of the show. Our first show in 2013 saw 50 Classic Bikes on show and some 300 people attend but I learnt the folly of trying to do to many things myself and it was not until we got a show committee going that things ran smoother.

Brett Pool and myself have spoken to our website designer, Jeremy Rogers, and we will be restructuring our site to reflect our members and their bikes along with club activities. When we first got the website going we had no photographs except for a heap I took at the Barber Museum in America,undoubtably one of if not the best museum and track complex in the world.

We also have a Face Book page now so sign up and contribute your thoughts and photos.

There a number of members who would like to attend the Isle of Mann Classic held in August each year and we hopefully will firm up these plans early in the new year.

I would like to thank all members but in particular Col Saunders who has really got our ride calendar buzzing and along with social events we have had a very active year. Col also makes sure we know an event is coming up with his reminder emails.

Charlie Luvis our esteemed Treasurer for a second year and for keeping our account in the black.

Kevin Sanger and Graeme Branch for always putting their hand up when something needs to be done.

Neil For letting us know about the club number plate frames we now have.

See you all at our next ride
John Butler